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Interactive Pet Toy Ball

Interactive Pet Toy Ball

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The translucent display can disperse the smells of food and attract our hungry doggie.
A tumbler base holds this toy in one place and weaves from side to side to stimulate our canine curiosity. Tumbler or rod design, lots of fun for dogs. Good size and volume for storing snacks and food inside. Easy to handle, just open the lid and put food inside, screw it on and lock it, not so easy to tear out. A small outlet for snacks and food to keep your dog energetic, interesting and smart. The simple combination of the top and base make the toy easier to disassemble. The dog treat dispenser ball is made of eco-friendly and safe plastic that is tough and odorless, safe and easy to clean. Eco-friendly plastic is used to form the whole body, rigid and odorless, safe and easy to clean

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